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The Party
a couple of vixens have some guests over, one likes to swallow the other ones like to slice and chop [contains swallowing,chopping and snarky overindulgance

The Mouse Hole
a certain mousey turns up as the meal at a underground pred hang out [contains swallowing and poop, you've been warned]

the Special
now serving the 'all the girls you can eat special' drop by an get some! [m/ffffffff swallowing]

Emi takes on the challenge... and eats it all![mild stuffing and food drama]

A certain soul eating vixen meets up with a certain mouse fella [warning:contains soul poop!].

getting aquainted
a couple of new girlfriends get much closer aquainted [forcefull unbirthing].

'oh you couldnt! you couldnt possibly' but he does.. and her to.. [m/ff swallowing].

Little Mousey
A cute little mouse girl cant take it any more an' gets herself a massive appetite.

The Quest
A promising lad sets out on a quest. based on All_That_Glitters by Requiem.

01_21_07:whoo, had to reset the bandwidth on 'mindless', passed 50 gigs for the month, despite not being active theres still a lot of people coming thru here.

12_29_06:and heres another batch of commision work to end the year with, as always let me know if there are any pages missing or broken links.

9_24_06:and we have comics! couple more on the way, wow that wassa while between updates.

8_11_06:little mousy has been missing the 2nd top last page! ack!... it certainaly makes more sense with it in there.. am glad someone noticed.

8_04_06:yes. i'm gonna put this in the archives, for those who cant wait i've put the latest unbirthing bit inna folder here ..getting aquainted i also have a couple of vore comics comming up shortly.

2_02_06:issa new comic involving a mousey girl getting rather large, thanks to Bogkun for commisioning that, also i have work of a possible gathering of Vore art of 'myspace'...http://groups.myspace.com/VoreArtists

1_26_06:archives pages all fixed, heh, for real this time, i double checked the links.

12/20:I just went thru an converted the archives to 'html' files, and fixed those pesky thumbnails finnnnnally, let me know if anythings non-functional.

11/28:yes, we have some unbirthing pr0n! brand new commision... i'm having some trouble with my php stuff so i'm putting it in a folder 'raw' here... UBPD...

11_01_05:woop, is open officially now... aryion.com...

09_18_05:ChrisDragon hassa new dragon vore MSNgroup and has been successfull in setting it so you dont need a msn-pass to check it out, didnt know you could do that...

8_10_06:welcome to mindlessconsumption.com, the archives site for all my vore unbirthing and swallowing stories. I'm not active in those ereas lately, except for a commision now and then, so i've put all up as a freebie. -mamabliss

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